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Your best talents are nutured here

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We provide transformational coaching services to people from underrepresented communities and help businesses to find and retain the best and most diverse staff pool

At B. Yolanda Consulting, we provide life coaching support and advice to people from underrepresented communities with the aim of helping them to seek higher education, build fulfilling careers and transform their lives.


We aim to build and improve the competencies and effectiveness of an inclusive pool of talent and business suppliers, to bring the best of diversity to your business. Through our mentoring, coaching and training services, we shape and prepare the underrepresented for success in their careers and businesses.

We provide strategic advice and tailored solutions

If you are a business on a recruitment drive, working with us means that you care about diversity and have taken a positive step to open opportunities to all. Talk to us about your vacancies and let us provide you with the best-qualified candidates. We also support your recruitment processes holistically to make the candidate’s experience as pleasant and informative as possible.


Recruitment Support

Happy Employees equals Happy businesses!
Our consulting services help businesses achieve positive growth with a focus on diversifying their staff. Research suggests that diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.
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Business Meeting

Equip-U E-Learning

Due to popular request, our e-learning platform is here to provide your staff with the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Our courses are great for ensuring the Continuous Professional development of all staff. Read More


One to One Coaching

We want our clients to feel represented and understood so our coaches are selected high achievers and experienced professionals with lived experiences. Having overcome barriers ourselves, and as active proponents of increasing access to marginalised groups, our coaching clients have the best team to support them on their journey to success. Read More

Providing your business with recruitment support only when you need it.

We work with businesses of any size looking to fill graduate-level positions and above. Some clients prefer to keep us on retainer to enjoy quick access to support and advice all year round, while others prefer to tackle specific projects as those needs arise. Either way, you lower your business expenses, benefit from fresh perspectives, and choose from a broader and more diverse selection of candidates by using our services.

If you are thinking of growing your teams, do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial discussion.


We serve with passion because we only succeed when you do.

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