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Business Clients

Recruitment Support Services

The Business Client process

  1.  Submit Your Vacancy and Arrange A Callback

  2. Talk to us about the Ideal Candidates for the role

  3. Client Advice, Candidate Selection and Support process

Do you need to go on a recruitment drive to resource your business with new staff but do not have the time or enough resources for the job? Does meeting your diversity quota feel like a tick box process which ends up creating more problems because you can’t seem to find skilled and qualified personnel to fill the roles? At B.Yolanda Consulting, we support employers with recruitment projects of any size so contact us to let us what your needs are and you will be well on your way to enjoying the benefits that the best of diversity brings.

By taking the pain of recruitment and staff resourcing off you, we aim to help you find the best talents while enabling you to achieve your business's Diversity & Inclusion goals. We approach each recruitment exercise using the following steps:


Vacancy Qualification:

This is our first discussion with you to clarify the skills, competencies and personal attributes that you seek as the decision-maker on talent search within your business, to specify important details. This is an important stage where we find out what you want, to be able to recruit the best people.

We’ll work with you to identify the essential and desirable skills expected and to select the key personality characteristics that will best suit the position. We’ll also advise whether these will be appropriate for your salary budget.

This is an important process which would help us create a detailed brief and job advert for each position. Every potential candidate will be screened against this brief to ensure suitability and consistency.


Vacancy Promotion and Candidate Attraction:

We leverage our local, regional and national networks to promote your vacancies depending on the location and flexibility that the role carries. We also promote vacancies on our social media platforms and across our database of registered candidates. We aim to attract the best talents for your role and to provide you with as many qualified candidates as possible.


CV Presentation and Shortlisting:

When collating information on potential candidates, we provide all information in a standard format so that candidates’ skills and experience can be easily compared without altering any information about the candidate. The feedback we receive from clients provides us with information on our client’s preferences to help us narrow the search down to the CVs that best match the job offer.  



We can manage the entire interview process or do this together with you, depending on your needs. Our interview process includes scheduling of candidates, providing interview packs with all required information, conducting/facilitating the interview process and providing candidates with post-interview feedback.


Management of the job offer, start dates and aftercare:

Announcing the job offer to the successful candidate and supporting them through the onboarding process is also a step we cherish at B.Yolanda Consulting. Our aftercare support enables your new staff to stay confident while settling in, knowing that we are still there to assist with any discomforts or uncertainties. 

If you are looking to hire new talent and thinking about how best to go about this, get in touch with us. We can help you understand and decide which service would best suit your needs.

In addition to recruitment support services, B.Yolanda Consulting provides life coaching and training courses which all your staff can benefit from. We can set you and your staff up with coaching packages or training bundles. Under our training bundles, you can have access to your own account to manage your staff’s training and progress. You can contact us for more information about our life coaching services or visit our e-learning platform for more information about our courses. 

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