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The candidate process

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Are you a graduate or higher degree holder who is faced with many barriers to landing that job you want? Has your career path been derailed simply because you continue to be unsuccessful when you apply for the roles you desire and are qualified for? Are you looking for help to land that job? If you’ve answered yes to these, let us provide you with the support you need.

Contact us to submit your CV, and we will add you to our database of talents. Once registered, you will be the first to learn about new roles in your area which match your interest through our job alerts. We will contact you to confirm your interest and personal preferences before sharing your CV with recruiters.

We will support you throughout the application process to help you determine if you are best suited for the role and if the employer’s values and culture align with yours. We want you to be confident and happy in your new role and to feel a sense of belonging within that workplace. So with B.Yolanda Consulting, we go further than just recommending roles. We work with you to ensure that you don’t just take up a role; we ensure that walk confidently into a role where your personality would be a good fit and where you would be supported to succeed.

Your success means a lot to us. We will provide you with feedback after your interview process and learn also from your experiences. In instances where we find that your CV needs a bit of tidying up, or where you’ve been unsuccessful at securing the role, we go the extra mile by enrolling you on our success enhancement offer.


Our Success Enhancement Offer

Employer expectations differ from business to business due to their values, culture, disparities in understanding diversity issues and more. Certain employers also have specific and unique requirements that need to be met for certain roles. Under our success enhancement offer, we will introduce you to an experienced job coach whose focus is to help you adequately prepare for roles that you are qualified for and that are of interest to you.

Your CV is often the first source of information about you and your fit for a role, so you want to make sure that it speaks for you in the best way possible to get you shortlisted for that interview. If your CV doesn’t quite communicate the suitability of your candidacy properly, the job coach will help you to tune your CV to its best. They will also help you to prepare for the interview process.  

All candidates also have the option to sign up for life coaching support and advice throughout the process and beyond. The power belongs to you

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