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  • How do I know that BYC is the right consulting service for me?
    To make this as simple as possible, think about your current or future staff needs or problems. If you have unhappy staff but are unsure what to do or have a contract ahead and need to focus on recruiting few or several staff, BYC would be the answer to your needs. We work with all budgets, so do not hesitate to get in touch for a free initial consultation to determine how we can help you.
  • My company needs to meet its diversity quota. Are you able to ensure this?
    At BYC, we take diversity and inclusion very seriously. We therefore strive to incorporate this in the service we provide to all businesses. So, it’s even better when you equally want to create and enjoy the numerous benefits that a diversified workforce brings to a business.
  • Do you provide remote services?
    Post covid-19, we have adapted some aspects of our services to enable us provide clients with remote services. Certain projects may however necessitate in-person visits or meetings. We can provide you with more information once we discuss your needs so, please get in touch.
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